Purification of flue gas by membrane processes

01.01.2018 - 31.12.2020
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Izák Pavel
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Flue gas cleaning/purification technologies will utilise new types of membranes performing beyond the state of the art of commercial membranes: membranes based on polymers of intrinsic microporosity, supported ionic liquid membranes and water-swollen thin film composite membranes. Efforts will mainly focus on the removal of a wide range of gaseous pollutants from model flue gases and on the elucidation of membrane interaction with solid particles. A new mathematical model to describe and predict the purification efficiency of the membranes will be designed within the project. Thereafter, the best membrane will be tested on real flue gas, and optimal purification conditions will be found (i.e. feed flux, temperature of purification, and upstream and downstream pressures).