Department of Environmental Engineering

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Šyc Michal
Rozvojová 135/1, 165 02 Praha-Lysolaje, Česká republika
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Annual Reports for Environmental Process Engineering Laboratory

Overview for Environmental Process Engineering Laboratory (EPEL)

EPEL was founded with intention to concentrate most of the sustainable technologies development at ICPF, e.g. total recycling of PET, recycling of luminophors from TV sets, and verification of thermal desorption technology using microwave radiation. The applied research (gasification of biomass in fluidized bed, synthetic gas production, high temperature gas cleaning, and phytoextraction of heavy metals with consequent energetic utilization of biomass) is balanced with basic research (microwave chemistry). This combination makes possible successful cooperation with industry.

Fields of Research:

  • Advanced processes for gasification, gas cleaning and hydrogen production
  • Persistent organic pollutants and heavy metals emissions
  • Urban mining - metals recovery from waste ashes
  • Cleaning of syngas from fluidized-bed gasification of coal-biomass blends
  • Medium and high temperature gas cleaning (removal HCl and H2S) for applications
  • Advanced process for waste-to-energy

Applied Research:

  • Optimization of waste-to-energy plant
  • Design optimization of multi-stage biomass gasifier
  • Moving bed gasification of wood and waste wood
  • In situ thermal desorption utilizing microwaves
  • Brownfields - Source of renewable energy (BROZEN)
  • Sewage sludge combustion and co-combustion
  • Microwave depolymerization of waste polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
  • Technology of repairing damaged places of roads with asphalt material
  • New gas refining technology for thermal waste degradation
  • Complex recycling of luminophore from compact fluorescent lamps
  • Production of new paper products from recycled security paper

History of the Research Projects

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