Highly efficient catalyst and process for degradation of resistent antibiotics.

01.07.2014 - 31.12.2017
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Standardní projekt
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Pola Josef
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is principal investigator

The aim of the project is (a) the development and efficiency verification of a new-type nanocomposite heterogeneous catalyst for technological process of advanced oxidative degradation of refractory antibiotics occurring in waste waters, (b) the development and optimization of a model reactor for this process, (c) the development and optimization of a model technological process in combination with MBBR system for biological waste water post-treatement. Successful solution of partial objectives will significantly improve current complex technology for waste water treatment by additional decontamination stage. The suggested technology will prevent escape of resistant antibiotics and will decrease the content of residual products of waste water biological treatement to surface waters and will thereby eliminate increasing harmful effects of these drugs and other organic compounds in ecosystem.