Porous and macroporous titanium surfaces with embedded submicrometer-sized Si- ,SiOx- and TiOx- moieties for enhancing bone osseointegration and adhesion to titanium implants.

01.07.2014 - 31.12.2016
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Standardní projekt
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Pola Josef
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is principal investigator

The main goals of the project are the development and optimization of a new-type of biocompatible surfaces of titanium implants for enhanced osseointegration and adhesion of bone tissue, a know-how for the production of the novel model implants, and finally the fabrication of model samples for commercial sphere. The partial goals are (a) fabrication of macroporous surface layers of bulk titanium by using laser radiation-induced structural modification of titanium, (b) penetration of sol-gel polymerizing titania and silica precursors into these layers to achieve macro-porous bicontinuous titanosilicate structures, (c) laser-induced incorporation of SiOx and TiOx nanoparticles and hydrated SiOx and TiOx nanoparticles into these structures catalyzing the growth of bone tissue, and (d) incorporation of hydroxyapatite grains into these structures, which will serve as seeds of growing bone tissue.