Ing. Magdalena Bendová, Ph.D.


+420 220 390 172, +420 220 390 290, +420 773 400 809
bendovaaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz

Rozvojová 135/1, 165 02 Praha-Lysolaje, Česká republika
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Research interests:

  • study of liquid phase behaviour in multicomponent mixtures containing ionic liquids as well as critical phenomena in such mixtures,
  • thermodynamic and thermophysical properties of pure ionic liquids and their mixtures with molecular solvents,
  • thermodynamics data processing and critical assessment.

Knowledge of liquid-liquid equilibria in multicomponent systems is very important in the design and optimization of industrial separation processes, i.e. extraction and extractive distillation. Solvents that would selectively dissolve given solutes are therefore looked for. In this regard ionic liquids seem to have a great potential to become such selective solvents.

Other activities:

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