Bažant Graduate Conference 2016

Event Date and Time: 
Monday, 6. June 2016 - 9:00 - 16:30

The annual Bažant Graduate Conference took place in the Large Meeting Room of the ICPF on June 6, 2016 from 9am till 4.30pm. The winners of this edition are

1st Year Students

1st place

Martin Jakubec: Preparation of New Helically Chiral Flavins as Possible Photocatalysts

2nd - 3rd place

Aneta Krausová: Characterization of Bottom Ash from Czech Waste-to-Energy Plants
Tomáš Beránek: Transition-Metal Complexes Bearing Helical Phosphines and their Catalytic Activity

2nd and 3rd Year
1st place 

Jan Rotrekl: Study of Impurities and their Effect on the Physico-Chemical Properties of Ionic Liquids

2nd place

Štěpán Horník: NMR Aerosolomics: A Convenient Route to Organic Aerosol Analysis

3rd place

Jiří Brynda: Possibilities of High Temperature Desulphurization of a Producer Gas

Conference Programme

Conference Book of Abstracts