Centre for studies on toxicity of nanoparticle

01.01.2012 - 31.12.2018
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Výzkumné centrum
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Moravec Pavel
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The rapid expansion of nanomaterials production and their use in many products create a need for understanding the mechanisms of nanomaterial interactions with living systems. This need is above all given by unique properties of nanoparticles related to their dimensions and by their ability to penetrate into various tissues and cells in organism. Nanoparticles are also formed unintentionally as a result of the anthropogenic activities (industry, local heating). The proposed interdisciplinary centre of basic research will integrate laboratories capable to perform complex studies on mechanism of the toxicity of important and widely used engineered nanoparticles, as well as anthropogenic nanoparticles in the environment with a special attention paid to heavily polluted areas of the Czech Republic. The studies will be performed on thoroughly characterized nanoparticles to obtain valid and comparable results on biological action and toxicity of nanoparticles.